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My name is mug, ashes mug! and I don't know, insert a short description about me or something like that.

Normally when one thinks of Newgrounds, we think of its pillars such as FNF, Madness, Allien Hominid, and any product you see in the Newgrounds Rummble or Pico Day fanarts.

I want to make something clear, I AM NOT AGAINST THEM BEING POPULAR, I LOVE THEM A LOT. I think they have a COMPLETELY justified popularity and legacy ok!!!! However, I think that sometimes you have to give the fresh meat of Newgrounds a try, those OCs and ambitious projects that usually don't go beyond their own small fanbase of 6 people or something like that!

So I want to do my bit by drawing YOUR characters, THAT'S RIGHT! YOUR CHARACTERS!!

It doesn't matter how many followers you have, it doesn't matter your language, it doesn't matter at all as long as they are original characters!

These two weeks I will be on vacation and I want to practice a variety of bodies, clothes, skin colors and all those things to resume drawing, and I felt that it is a super cool idea for the militarized boys in orange and black, to give them a small gift and try do some recognition for your cool kids! Of course, I'm not popular enough to give them guaranteed success, but I think I will contribute something.

But how can i participate on this fanart rain?

As simple as the following

  1. Read this post, obviously.
  2. Comment something on the blog, preferably the link with your OC or something like "hey, I would like you to draw any of my characters" if you don't tell me a specific one, I'll take my favorite! (Please keep a tag, or in the description mention that it is specifically an oc!)
  3. Wait patiently until I open Newgrounds and see your participation
  4. One day I will mention to you by DM or by your oc's publication that I have your fanart!
  5. If you give me permission, I will publish it as evidence and we will continue the chain for 2 weeks!

  1. This is an extra!!! If you know an artist who has an oc that you think is great and it's not yours, you can also mention it! The purpose is to make as many cool dudes as possible.


Let's give some examples, so that everyone can understand it.

Suppose you are uh... Pico! and you have an oc named apple fred, so you want me to draw him, but you also like the character cherry chelsea from Girlfriend, so you leave your oc and Girlfriend's!


Now an example where you only leave your oc, which is also fine!

Let's say you're a tankman, and you're a self-centered narcissist so you only like your oc tankman, so you leave him and I draw him because that's the purpose.


Let's leave one last example of what NOT to do.

Let's imagine that the spooky kids want to participate, and they comment on their friend Happy Fella as a character.

This is WRONG because Happy Fella is a company and he is a NOT Newgrounds character, because the spooky kids never created him! So with all the regret, I won't draw it!


So that's it I think, it's the first time I've done a public dynamic here! If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask, I will kindly answer!

Please have fun and leave your characters without shame or fear, no one will judge!

Good night!



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